Day 9: @23km solo to Mullion Creek

Dropped back on the track after big cabo 'Tradies breakfast' it took a while to get back into solo walking.

Having company speeds the time but the day presented another picture perfect version of rural paradise.

I meet our South African friends again and made new ones with Italians Max and Alex who left Melbourne on 6 Jan to cycle to Cairns...gotta love that!

Powered by Birdz: bagi-la-m-Bargan, I pulled it out for last 90 minutes. Now the fun began.

A few days prior I rang the little primary school at Mullion Creek to enquire about a place to swag it.

The verandah was offered as out of the rain and near water. I was relieved even more so when I arrived and was offered an upgrade to the floor of the library.

Meeting the three teachers and 2 aids who looked after 70 odd 5-13 year olds was great fun.

The quid pro quo for my upgrade was hosting an Australian history lesson for the school on the Coo-ee March, their towns place in this slice of history and a little chat about mental health. We practised our coo-ee yells and as I walked away down the track to Orange I could hear the sound coo-ee ringing up the hillside. The kindness of strangers.

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