Day 5: 22kms, 5 hours

Updated: Mar 31

Keen to get an extra early start we departed for Wellington on another perfect day.

As it was day 2 walking single file along the busy highway we had fewer people stop to ask if we needed a lift or help (maybe because it's two people, you must not be in trouble?)

We got a lot of waves and horns tho, maybe after Monday's ABC Dubbo interview promoting the walk and batyr.

Geoff and I chatted throughout and with 6-7km to go started to feel the weight of the backpack and heat of the day a little more acutely.

Stopping for snacks and taking electrolytes, we turned on our emergency Spotify playlists to get us pumped up and eliciting a since then hidden overdrive speed (or so we liked to think).

Try listening to Wake Up by Arcade Fire and you'll get the drift

Made it into Wellington on a magic early afternoon where we retreated to the Cow and Calf, a hip-ish pub.

That night they held a Trans-bingo night. Timberline was spectacular in her drag and the show was a big hit.

A few glasses of fine Mudgee Shiraz topped off the evening. Who said long walks were all hard work?

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