Day 14: Milthorpe to Blayney, 15kms

With an extended support crew Rod, Steve, Mary, Harry joined the relaxed trek to Blayney. Keeping a close eye on approaching traffic, we kept each other company and when we arrived in Blayney motored off to Carcoar, made famous by my hero Kurt Fernley.

Dedicated to more carb loading, the local pub and bakery did not disappoint. Interestingly quite a few country churches are being sold off around here to fund liabilities somewhere. Amazing places.

We celebrated a warm family Easter with another top paddock get together with roast pork and vegies cooked in coals as we were mesmerised by the bush TV. I felt happily adopted by Maxine and Andy and their wonderful family. I'm sure their warm hospitality will be a journey highlight for me.

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