Day 13: Orange to Milthrope

Gear washed, fed and rested we departed at sunrise for what was a really enjoyable walk through Lucknow (great coffee!) and the little hamlet of Spring Hill with its own Temperance Hall (1898).

Flat back roads and green pastures greeted us and all was well in this land.

Arriving in the beautiful town of Milthorpe (boasting a hatted restaurant: Vine) we toured around and found a suitable pub and feed.

We were met by Steve, a mate of Rod's and his girlfriend Mary. What followed was a truely amazing Easter weekend with Steve's family who live on a cattle farm in Blayney.

Finishing the day with an extended family cookout in the top paddock featuring great food, company and Harry's reciting of the Galah (David Mc) ... priceless.

Another 23kms down..

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