Day 10, 20km to Orange

A shorter walk today but quite rewarding to be through my no-mans-land section of the journey.

Another spectacular day my legs and feet felt good... comfortable fatigue. The boots and foot powder in my socks to keep them dry worked a blisters (yet).

I checked our fundraising tally and discovered that we were $12k on our way to $20k. I was so grateful to discover that my family, friends and colleagues were 85 of the 90 donors.

I'll continue to do interviews to shake the tin for batyr (Chanel 9 - Orange on Friday at 5:30pm and Bathurst Advocate in a few days) but know how important all of your support has been. A big thank you.

As I'm a day ahead of plan I'll indulge for two rest days in Orange, heading out early Saturday for Milthorpe/Blayney and Bathurst.

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