Day 1 & 2 Progress Report: 70kms down

'Nice to get ABC Dubbo interview on Day 1 and meet with Gilgandra Mayor.

Just arrived in Dubbo after 9 hours walking and about 40km...a bit much is an understatement...I’m thinking (hoping) it’ll be my longest day.

Given the wet (raining but not pouring like yesterday) weather, I put my good hiking socks in plastic bags to keep them dry (a tip from an old Shearer in the front bar of the Drovers Dog Pub at Eumungerie).

I just took my wet boots off and whilst scared to look I think they may be ok. Need to soak all my gear in the sink as I only have one change.

Last night was a classic with mice woke me at 12 rummaging around in my bin. Got it outside but could hear a bunch mucking up under my floorboards.

The kindness of strangers continues to amaze and hearten me. Had 6 people stop today asking if I’m ok (the mental health message is good here).

One lady at 730am gave me her banana bread as she must have felt sorry for me tramping through the rain.

Getting used to the semi-trailers roaring past all the time just feet away. It’s a bit of a trust or kharma exercise? Maybe?

Anyway just enjoying lying on my back after Day 2.

70km walked so over 10% of the goal'.

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