A little about us

After travelling the world for 11 years on his much beloved motorbike, our founder Martyn Ryan witnessed first hand, the power of people coming together to do great things and their willingness to give unconditionally for the good of humankind. This experience led to his vision to create Benojo.

Today, we are a social enterprise backed by purpose driven people that create technology for Charities, Schools & Clubs just like you, to engage your community and come together to do good.

Our Values

Unwavering commitment against the odds. Never say die. We live what we believe every day in every way and will stop at nothing to make it happen


Fearless ingenuity. We embrace amazing thinking without fear of reproach. Breaking the rules with positive intent is our lifeblood.

A healthy dose of madness. We believe a little madness is a good thing because it pushes the world forward towards greater things

Changing things for the better. We’re eternal optimists. We lead from the front rather than sitting on our sofas watching the status quo hum along

The meaning of Benojo

'Ben' is an abbreviation of 'Benevolent' -  the definition being - well meaning and kindly

'Ojo' is an old English word that was used to describe an oasis (albeit its origins refer to a spring surrounded by rushes). It was common vernacular until Victorian days as a way to describe somewhere as safe, trusted and saving.

So when combined the name means a safe and trusted environment for giving and kindness.

Meet The Team